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Pot of creamy raw honey boosted with Reishi - Forest

Pot of creamy raw honey boosted with Reishi - Forest

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This unpasteurized and lightly filtered honey has the same flavor profile as creamed honey without the presence of Reishi. The extraction of the active compounds from Reishi (ie shiny Ganoderma) is carried out by FNG with whom we collaborate on several research projects. You can find a list of the benefits of incorporating Reishi into your diet here . Reishi is recognized mainly for its positive effect on immunity.

Honey churning is a process of more than 80 hours that allows us to retain all the properties of honey. Indeed, churning too quickly would lead to too high a temperature and thus a loss in taste and apitherapeutic levels. We incorporate Reishi during this process ensuring the active compounds are dissolved throughout the honey.

* Honey may contain particles of wax and/or pollen.

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Tracey Badger
Super bon

J’adore le Miel Flavo

Cedric Campeau

Très bon miel! Vraiment délicieux