Flavo honey is raw, lightly filtered and from eco-responsible beekeeping.


The Flavo apiaries

Thank you to our collaborators who allow us to access more natural sites for our bees.

When we add a site, we ensure that the habitat is suitable for adding several thousand pollinators. Lots of flowers, a pesticide-free habitat and access to water nearby are among the important factors.

The different sites also allow us to ensure a balance between nature and domestic bees by avoiding saturating apiaries with excessive hive densities.

Go ahead, taste all the flavors of the Eastern Townships!


At Flavo, we place the health of our bees and their habitat at the center of our activities. We try to avoid an excessive density of bees, which favors an abundance of nectar and pollen for our hives as well as for other pollinators! In addition, we study the impact of bees on their environment with the aim of developing practices in balance with nature.


At Flavo, our honey is cold extracted and lightly filtered. It thus retains all its apitherapeutic and taste properties. By placing our hives in forest, farm or urban environments, our honey acts as a floral imprint of its habitat, which gives it a complex and unique flavor!

  • Augmented intelligence and traceability

    Since 2021, Nico has been collaborating with Nectar Technologies on various projects. Being a beekeeper who also has more than 10 years of experience in developing artificial intelligence applied to biological fields, it seemed natural that in 2022 he would become the main data scientist at Nectar!

    It also integrates Nectar technology into all the hives at Flavo. This allows us to use Flavo hives to validate the product, test new ideas and answer research questions while benefiting from the great added value of BeeTrack.

    The BeeTrack app makes tracking hive actions and status really easy and digitizes all history into a database. In addition, the application for the manager greatly facilitates the follow-up of visits, treatments and the planning of future tasks. The app also greatly facilitates research like the one we are currently doing on mushroom supplements (see our collaboration with FNG).

    In 2022, BeeTrack allowed us to reduce our movements between apiaries by 40%, to reduce the number of inspections by a factor of 20% and to understand the factors that affected winter survival. All this in the first year of adoption and as the models require data, these positive impacts are only just beginning!

    Beekeepers, adopt data-centric management of your hives and see the results!

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  • Millions of flowers

    In 2022, Marie-Thérèse and Denis contacted us to offer us to install hives on their magnificent land.

    Our hives are right in the middle of Highland beef pens and other farms!

    In addition, the floral diversity is impressive and no pesticides are applied since all the farms are raised organically and produce no carbon emissions!!!

    Finally, if you have the chance to stop at their boutique and/or their country table, you can taste the Flavo honey but also their very high quality meat!

    This site produces 75% of our farm honey!

    Enjoy your food !

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  • Applied mycology and boosted honeys

    Our co-founder, Nico, and FNG founder, Geoffroy, have been bonding through a passion for mycology since 2015.

    The benefits of Reishi in humans are now fairly well known. On the other hand, few studies have been carried out on other animal species! In 2018, a study from the University of Washington evaluated the impact of Reishi nutrition in honey bees and demonstrated immense effects in the reduction of viruses associated with the presence of varroa mites. Varroa is the main threat to honey bees and the biggest headache for beekeepers! Inspired by this potential, Geoffroy and Nico have been working together for 2 years to develop a supplement that will soon be available to all beekeepers!

    In addition, we make different medicinal honeys where we introduce medicinal mushroom extracts, which gives our honeys all the properties of mushrooms without their taste!

    Several other projects are underway combining mycology and beekeeping!

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  • Medicinal flowers for bees and mead!

    Pauline and César produce various medicinal and ornamental flowers in addition to organizing various workshops on their farm.

    Although they grow flowers and do not necessarily benefit from the pollination carried out by our bees, since 2023 they still welcome our hives in order to allow us to produce honey rich in properties and to promote the health of their habitat in general. .

    At Flavo, we do not saturate bee habitats and find the balance between the number of hives and the availability of flowers. This philosophy where nature is put forward before production or profitability strongly joined them.

    When picking the various flowers, Pauline and César tell us that the bees cover their hands but are so enraptured by the pollen on their hands that they never sting!

    Finally, you will have the chance to taste several collaborations such as honey/herbal tea combos as well as flower-flavored meads!

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  • Apples, plums and asparagus!

    The Moulton Hill cider farm gang shares several passions with us, such as brewing good juice!

    In 2023, we installed a few hives there to offer them free pollination of their apple, plum and asparagus trees. Few people know it, but asparagus is a honey plant that requires pollination by bees to reproduce. The quality of asparagus nectar is unknown but these plants are also a source of pollen which is very useful for feeding young bees!

    In return, they will use our honey in their cider and we will use their fruit to make melomels (ie Meads containing fruit)!

    Finally, it will be really interesting to see the impact of adding hives on the fruiting success of their different species!

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By buying our honey, you directly help our bees



Flavo honey will surprise you with its complexity on the palate, it tastes like flowers!


Our honeys act as a floral imprint of their environment, the properties of our honeys not being altered by pasteurization.


At Flavo, we adopt beekeeping practices in harmony with bee biology. We do not use any synthetic product, but rather all the products of the hive. We use all of the harvested products from the lid wax to the propolis on the frames.


In addition to the development of hive products, we collect several data on our hives in order to better understand the interactions with their environment.

By developing products to improve and optimize the practice of ecological beekeeping, by using artificial intelligence to predict biological processes and optimize our operations, and by publishing our research, we believe that the future will be filled with black and yellow.

In addition, one of our co-founders, Nico Coallier, is also the director of data science at Nectar and Flavo serves as a kind of playground for him to develop new ideas, but also to validate them.


By buying our honeys, you promote the development of the local economy!