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Cubee | Myco-supplement

Cubee | Myco-supplement

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Cubee is a bee supplement developed by Flavo and FNG.
Since 2021, we have been testing the impacts of supplementing our mushroom solution, the effects are numerous and impressive. For more information, consult the article published in the magazine l'Abeille (Revue de l'association des apiculteurs du Québec ) or our blog article.
A peer-reviewed scientific publication is currently being written and will be shared when published.
In summary, each bottle of Cubee contains 10 doses. We recommend using Cubee in your winterization preparations. The application of two doses during the month of August separated two weeks apart has been validated and presents several benefits in terms of colony health and productivity.
Compared to control hives:
--> 200% increase in survival
--> Reduction of the impact of viruses associated with varroa
--> Increase the hygienic capacity of colonies to control varroa and thus reduce the presence of varroa in colonies
--> Increased strength of surviving colonies in spring
--> Increased autumn honey production
Active Ingredients: Reishi Extract 16x
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We continue the research in 2024

If you would like to contribute to research by sharing data, we offer a reduced price. Contact for more details.

Current research projects are:
- Impact of monthly supplementation on colony health and honey production
- Behavioral study on the preference of bees for a solution supplemented with mushrooms compared to the same solution without mushrooms.
- Analysis of the impact of supplementation on the colony microbiota
- Description of the active ingredient composition of Cubee using bio-markers
- and more...

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18.9L commercial format (Boiler)

We also offer the 18.9 liter format for commercial beekeepers. A hive requires 100ml of supplement so one boiler will be enough to supplement 189 colonies!

--> The cost per colony is therefore reduced to $11!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alexandre Mainville
Mes ruches Cubee à l'automne

Grosse différence entre mes ruches traitées au Cubee et celles non traitées. Je le recommande chaudement.

Geoffroy Renaud

L’adage veut que bien que tous les champignons soient magiques, ils opèrent chacun une magie toute distincte. Or la magie propre à ce supplément fongique pour ruches et abeilles est tout simplement renversante !! Par delà les statistiques et les mesures impressionnantes, l’essayer c’est se donner la chance de voir le merveilleux pouvoir régénérateur des champignons se manifester sous nos yeux. Je le recommande vivement à quiconque a à coeur la santé des abeilles et donc la santé de nos écosystèmes . Merci Cubee !!